Schedule Maintenance


As project work is executed, all tasks/milestones in the schedule should, on a routine basis, be updated to reflect their current status. It is important for the PMS to accurately and realistically reflect the current plan to complete the remaining authorized scope as contained in the baseline.

Status Update

The status of work packages is derived directly from the status of the time-phased tasks/milestones of the work packages. Progress can be measured using:

Status updates should be made as frequently as feasible, generally weekly.

Schedule Maintenance

Schedule maintenance should consist of verifying/modifying task/milestone durations, revising or adding logic ties, additions of new tasks/activities or milestones and their associated logic ties, reallocation or assignment of resources, etc. Schedule maintenance will primarily be focused on updating and fine-tuning tasks, milestones, and resource assignments. At every status interval check the entire schedule to validate that there are no incomplete activities/milestones that are prior to the status date. If there are, then move to reflect correct date.

Back-up and Archive

Schedules should be backed up monthly or prior to any major changes in the schedule (e.g. logic sequence or task/milestone additions or deletions). This practice ensures that a record of changes is maintained.

Archived schedules can provide a wealth of information. Care should be taken to properly label and store these. Perhaps the two most important versions of the project schedule would be the original baseline and the “as-executed” schedule.

25 January 2009 (6)