Requirements Toolbox


This toolbox contains templates, checklists and techniques for requirements. It has been extensively sourced from information available from Construx External

Table of Contents




What to use when

Question Template or Technique
Who is affected? Stakeholder analysis
Who does it? Actor template
What do we mean? Glossary of terms
What processes will go on? Process Map Use Case (High-level)
What policies do we have? Business polices or Business Rules
What must be true? Business Rules, Decision tables/trees
What will the system look like? Dialog Map, UI navigation map
When will it happen? Event List
In what sequence? Use Case, Process with swim lanes, Sequence diagrams
Where will it run? Locations template
Why do the project? Vision and goals
How will it be done? Use Case (detail level)
What information does the business need to keep track of? Domain Model


The Automated Requirement Measurement (ARM) Tool was developed by the Software Assurance Technology Center (SATC) at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The objective of the ARM tool is to provide measures that can be used by project managers to assess the quality of a requirements specification document. The tool is not intended to evaluate the correctness of the specified requirements. It is an aid to “writing the requirements right”, not “writing the right requirements”.

25 January 2009 (25)