There is often great debate between what is a risk and what is an issue. In reality it matters little provided both are being managed and resolved.

You can find definitions everywhere. We take the simple one; A Risk is something that if it happens will have a direct effect on achieving project objectives. An issue is something that is happening and is currently impacting the project objectives (eg stopping an activity being completed).

You can keep separate or combined risk and issue logs. What is important is that they are monitored and action is taken. An early indicator of a project in trouble is when the issue log is not being worked. We favour a combined risk and issue log, as it saves the debate ensures both are worked.

Types of issue include:

Issue process


Some resources for risk and issue capture and logging.

These are some access databases that can be developed to a format suitable for your organisation.

A database that includes risk, issue, action and meeting recording.

25 January 2009 (10)