Appraisal is an ongoing process aimed at increasing the alignment between an individual and an organisation or a project.

The purpose of an appraisal for

the team member is: the manager is:
To discuss their performance To provide feedback on  performance
To influence the shape of their role To recognise individual’s strengths and weaknesses
To raise any questions or concerns To assess training or development needs
To discuss personal development To motivate employees
To agree future objectives To clarify organisational or project expectations
  To assist with succession and activity planning.
  To agree objectives for the next period


Good appraisals are: Bad appraisals are:
well-prepared unprepared
constructive in focus focussed on personality not outcome
evidence based done in a poor location
informal time pressured
open and honest only looking at the negative
focussed on outcomes not style not evidence based
help shape future objectives out of date
done with adequate time cancelled at the last minute
challenging and motivating used as disciplinary
no surprises and an ongoing process on old, out of date objectives
followed up  

Appraisal preparation

Things to consider:

• How much time/many sessions will you need?

• How much preparation do both of you need to have done?

• What is the right environment?

• Is the focus of the conversation on the past or on the future?

• Will they benefit from some constructive feedback (+/-)?

• Which sources will best help your preparation?

• What information do you need to support your discussions?

It is important to prepare for the person not the process

•What outcome do you want from your appraisal discussion?

•What outcome are they likely to want from the discussion?

•What challenges/opportunities does this leave you with?

Conducting the appraisal

4 steps to success:

1 Create the right atmosphere

2 Review past performance objectively

3 Understand strengths and aspirations

4 Planning for the future

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