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Project Management
Solution Ready

The focus of the Solution Ready phase is to check that the end user is ready to receive the solution. Users are trained and where appropriate a pilot or cutover test is run to validate the deployment and training method. Little solution development is done as the solution is already functionally accepted. The end of the phase is when the solution gains operational acceptance by the support teams. By the end of the phase:

  • Software and supporting documentation are acceptable to deploy
  • Stakeholders are ready for the system to be deployed
  • Risks are identified and plans in place to manage them
  • Current expenditures to date and to complete are acceptable
  • System can be operated and supported
  • Support staff are trained
  • Deployment team is trained (where applicable)
Start/Entry Criteria

Phase starts when the solution is user accepted

  • to train users
  • to test operational/support procedures
  • to train support staff
  • to train the deployment team (where applicable)
  • to Pilot or cutover test the deployment package
  • to complete the implementation/deployment and backout plans
  • to transfer the solution to support
  • to transfer the solution to the deployment team (where applicable)
  • to complete the release notes
  • to complete any DR plans

Main deliverables of the phase are:

  • Operational Acceptance sign off (usually in the form of a report)

Work products that may be used during the phase include:

Exit Criteria

The phase ends when the solution is operationally accepted for deployment. Where the deployment is run as a separate project, lessons learnt must also be completed. No more changes are allowed on the solution other than warranty fixes. Changes from this point should be treated as enhancements.


The following quality management activities need to be performed: