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Project Management
Deploying Activity

The goal is to plan for the delivery of the system and to execute the plan to make the system available to end users. Activities include:

  • Planning the deployment strategy
  • Developing support and operations material
  • Creating deployment packages
  • Organizing alpha/beta/pilot testing efforts
  • Deploying software to installation sites
  • Training end users
  • Managing acceptance testing efforts

Deploying is the assembly of the all the components required to form a complete deployment package. This includes:

  • Software Components
  • Training Materials
  • Operational Materials
  • Support Materials
  • Deployment Materials

The complete package may be achieved through progressive assembly of components, in one stage or in incremental stages, according to a defined build sequence and procedures.

Deploy also includes development of:

  • End-user training materials
  • User's manual
  • Operator's manual
  • Maintenance manual
  • Online help

It is necessary to review the requirements, design, product, and test results to ensure that issues affecting the installation, operation, and maintenance documentation are identified and resolved. Any documentation produced needs to adhere to the applicable documentation standards. Like the product itself, these documents should be verified (peer review) and adjusted for any defects. During package build these documents may need to be updated due to:

  • Requirements change
  • Design changes made
  • Component changes made
  • Documentation errors are identified
  • Workaround fixes are identified