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Project Management
Build Solution

The focus of the Build phase is to develop the system to the point where it is ready for deployment. Coding and testing of the software is performed. This phase combines both build and test as, depending on the method chosen, the build and test may be serial (waterfall) or iterative (agile). If necessary, early releases of the system are deployed, either internally or externally, to obtain user feedback. At the end of this phase the solution is ready for functional acceptance and detailed plans for the Solution Ready phase are in place.

Start/Entry Criteria

Phase starts when the Base Architecture approved.

  • to further develop program specifications
  • to code or configure software
  • to perform testing (Unit, Integration, regression, performance, DR, trial and user acceptance)
  • to further develop the detailed architecture design
  • to develop support and operational documentation
  • to start to develop training materials
  • to further detail all use cases
  • to start to develop the deployment and back out plans
  • to start to develop any DR plans
  • to start to develop the release notes

Main deliverables of the phase are:

  • User Acceptance sign off (usually in the form of a report)

Work products that may be used during the phase include:

Exit Criteria

The phase ends when the solution is accepted for transition into production. The sponsor has signed off that the solution is functionally acceptable. Where the solution is included in a release, the release has also been approved.


The following quality management activities need to be performed:

  • Peer inspection of any deliverables (E.g. Fagan inspection method )
  • Architectural approval of detailed designs
  • Test Manager (where existing) approval of test plans
  • Approval of deployment and backout plans
  • Security and penetrations tests
  • Phase end checklist